Chapter 2.10. Emotioneering Techniques Category #10: NPC Rooting Interest Techniques

We know you care about your NPCs— but will anybody else?

This chapter offers

ways to give an NPC Rooting Interest.

Rooting Interest Techniques are techniques that make us “root for”—or, more precisely, identify and empathize with—a character. The term sounds like it means we cheer on the character who has Rooting Interest. We do, but that's just a byproduct our identifying with him or her. Thus a character with Rooting Interest is one with whom we empathize. This term, and “Character Arc” are the only two phrases in the book that come from the film industry.

The Sorcerer Among Us Is You

Luckily, the witch trials of Salem are behind us, because I suspect you're a sorcerer. ...

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