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Customer-Centered Design: A New Approach to Web Usability

Book Description

"This book provides readers what they need to know to greatly enhance website usability and the customer online shopping experience"

—Jakob Nielsen, author of best-selling title, Designing Web Usability

To succeed on the web, companies must understand their customers' needs and goals more thoroughly than ever before-and use that information to build sites that deliver an outstanding shopping experience. Customer-Centered Design offers a systematic blueprint for doing just that. Leading marketing experts and usability professionals Kreta Chandler and Karen Hyatt bring together state-of-the-art techniques that address your goals for short- and long-term profitability and your customers' demands for convenience, simplicity, and satisfaction. This book reveals:

  • What you must know about your customers—and how to get and use that information more efficiently

  • Five views of the online store: as software system, catalog, communications vehicle, sales rep, and retail shopping experience

  • Measuring your customers' experience with your site to stay on the leading edge

  • Blending successful techniques from catalogs, retail and e-tail stores to create a new shopping environment

  • Facilitating sales by helping your customers make buying decisions

  • Understand how the products you sell influence your site's information architecture and design

  • Table of Contents

    1. Copyright
    2. Foreword
    3. Preface
    4. Acknowledgements
    5. About the Authors
    6. Customer-Centered Design
      1. New Rules of Engagement
        1. The Trouble with Websites
        2. Costs of Poor Usability
        3. Customer-Centric Vision
        4. So What's New?
        5. A New Kind of “Shelf”
        6. A New Kind of Shopper
        7. The Role of Product
        8. The Morphing Marketplace
        9. A New Kind of Business
        10. Competing in the New Marketplace
        11. Integrating into Global Markets
        12. Finding the Niche
        13. The New Rules of the Online Renaissance
      2. Walking a Mile in the Customer's Shoes
        1. Understanding Customers
        2. Five Common Customer Myths
        3. Customer Profiling
        4. Consumer Demographics
        5. Psychographics
        6. Types of Research
        7. Misusing Research
        8. Shoppers vs. Customers
        9. Lifetime Customer Value
        10. Building Customer Relationships
        11. The Customer Lifecycle
        12. Business-to-Business Relationships
        13. Usage Behavior
        14. Predicting the Success of the Customer Relationship
        15. Shrinking the World
    7. Retail, Catalog, and Online Stores
      1. Retailing Secrets: Tips from the Pros
        1. Shopping at Retail
        2. Ten Essential Retailing Techniques
        3. Understanding How the Consumer Shops
        4. Business Planning and Retail Differentiation
        5. Identifying Key Target Customer Segments
        6. How to Determine Market Structures
        7. Merchandising and Product Placement
        8. Planograms and SKU Rationalization
        9. Category Management
        10. Merchandising
        11. Selectability
        12. Refreshing the Shelf
        13. Retail Advertising and Promotion
        14. Using Retail Tips to Increase E-tail Profits
        15. Globalization
        16. Retail Excellence at the Virtual Shelf
      2. Catalog Marketing: Taking the Best and Leaving the Rest
        1. The Catalog Shopping Experience
        2. The Direct Market
        3. The Character of the Catalog
        4. Persistence = Increased Sales
        5. How to Measure a Good Catalog
        6. Catalog Lessons for E-commerce Sales
        7. A Case Study—Quill
        8. The Building Blocks for Better Web Design
        9. Integrating Catalog Techniques into the E-tail Mix
      3. Anatomy of the e-Shelf
        1. The Cost of Convenience
        2. Shopping Online
        3. Types of Online Stores
        4. Six Functional Parts
        5. Ten Essential E-merchandising Techniques
        6. E-tools of the Trade
        7. Operational Excellence
        8. Integrating “Shelf” Merchandising Techniques
    8. Tools and Rules for Winning Websites
      1. Designing Intuitive Online Customer Shopping Models
        1. More on Navigation
        2. Designing and Improving Customer Shopping Experiences
        3. Needs Assessment Process
        4. Measuring for Success
        5. Usability Measurement Process
        6. Three Methods for Evaluating Usability
        7. Developing Usable Online Shopping Models
        8. Example 1: HP Printing Supplies Vending Machine
        9. Example 2: Designing a Customer Shopping Model for HP Printing Supplies
        10. Online Store Benchmarking
        11. Customer Online Shopping Task Analysis
        12. A New Method: Retail Task Analysis
        13. Sales Data and Other Relevant Measures
        14. Integrating Research Results
        15. Knowing When You're Done
      2. Winning Webstores
        1. Inalienable Expectations of Customers
        2. Thirteen Rules of Winning Websites by Jakob Nielsen
        3. Page Design Tips and Considerations
        4. How Does Your Webstore Stack Up?
        5. The Envelope Please
    9. Case Studies and The Future
      1. Case Studies
        1. Case Study 1: HP Printing Supplies Configurator
        2. Case Study 2: hpshopping.com—Improving Customer Convenience
        3. Case Study 3: Designing a Website for a Wine Shop
        4. Case Study 4—Back to Business Basics—Designing for Internal Information “Customers”
      2. The Future: The Not So Final Frontier
        1. The Re-emergence of E-commerce
        2. Seize the Future
        3. The Connected Consumer—Pradeep Jotwani
        4. Bullish on the Future of E-commerce—Dr. Jakob Nielsen
        5. The Urbanization of the Internet—Paco Underhill
        6. Keeping Step with the Customer—Susan Boyce
        7. The Duality of the Online Merchant—Bruce Martin
        8. Research of the Future—Judith Herman
        9. The Dynamic Retail Future—Phil Lauria
        10. Measuring the Future—Ron Wilbur
        11. Getting from Here to There
        12. Top Ten Internet Shopping Predictions
        13. Looking Forward
    10. Glossary
    11. References
    12. Index