Oracle VM Implementation and Administration Guide

Book description

Master the Powerful Virtualization Tools in Oracle VM

Set up and maintain a dynamic virtualization platform across your enterprise using the detailed information contained in this Oracle Press guide. Oracle VM Implementation and Administration Guide contains key virtualization concepts, practical instructions, examples, and best practices. Find out how to design Oracle VM server farms, build and deploy virtual machines, handle provisioning and cloning, and work with Oracle VM Manager. Monitoring, tuning, and security techniques are also covered in this comprehensive volume.

  • Install, configure, and manage all Oracle VM components
  • Plan, size, and set up Oracle VM server farms and server pools
  • Control resources from Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control, Oracle VM Manager, and Oracle VM Command Line Interface
  • Govern network drives and virtual storage using Oracle VM tools
  • Create virtual machines manually or from Oracle library templates
  • Convert existing virtual machines on other systems to Oracle VM virtual machines
  • Generate virtual machine clones that run on multiple server pools
  • Maintain guest operating systems and software using Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control's Oracle VM Management Pack

Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Contents at a Glance
  4. Contents
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Introduction
  7. PART I: Introduction
    1. CHAPTER 1 Introduction to Virtualization
      1. What Is Virtualization?
      2. Reasons for Virtualizing
      3. Overview of Virtualization Technologies
      4. The Hypervisor
      5. Hardware Virtualization vs. Paravirtualization
      6. Summary
    2. CHAPTER 2 What Is Oracle VM?
      1. History of Oracle VM
      2. Oracle VM Features
      3. Oracle Support for VM
      4. Oracle’s VM Template Library
      5. Summary
    3. CHAPTER 3 Oracle VM Architecture
      1. Oracle VM Architecture
      2. Xen Architecture
      3. Features of Oracle VM
      4. Hardware Support for Oracle VM
      5. Summary
    4. CHAPTER 4 Oracle VM Lifecycle Management
      1. The Oracle VM Virtual Machine Lifecycle
      2. State Management and Transitions
      3. Summary
    5. CHAPTER 5 Planning and Sizing the Enterprise VM Server Farm
      1. Planning the VM Server Farm
      2. Sizing and Capacity Planning
      3. Summary
  8. PART II: Installing and Configuring Oracle VM
    1. CHAPTER 6 Installing the Oracle VM Server
      1. Hardware Prerequisites for Oracle VM Server
      2. Installing the VM Server
      3. Upgrading the VM Server
      4. Summary
    2. CHAPTER 7 Installing and Configuring Oracle VM Manager
      1. Hardware and Software Prerequisites for VM Manager
      2. Installing VM Manager
      3. Installing the VM Manager Template
      4. Managing the VM Manager Host System
      5. Summary
    3. CHAPTER 8 Configuring the Oracle VM Management Pack
      1. Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control
      2. Installing the Oracle VM Management Pack
      3. Configuring the Oracle VM Management Pack
      4. Managing the Virtual Environment with OEM Grid Control
      5. Summary
    4. CHAPTER 9 Installing and Configuring the Oracle VM CLI
      1. Introduction to Oracle VM CLI
      2. Installing OVM CLI with the ULN
      3. Installing OVM CLI from the Oracle Public yum Repository
      4. Configuring the OVMCLI
      5. Using OVM CLI
      6. Summary
    5. CHAPTER 10 Configuring the VM Server Network
      1. Configuring and Managing the VM Server Network
      2. Managing the VM Server Network
      3. Monitoring the Network
      4. Summary
    6. CHAPTER 11 Configuring the VM Server Storage
      1. Shared Storage vs. Non-Shared Storage
      2. Storage Repositories
      3. Configuring the Hardware for Storage
      4. Adding the Additional Storage to Oracle VM
      5. Summary
  9. PART III: Managing Oracle VM Servers and Guests
    1. CHAPTER 12 Creating Server Pools and Servers
      1. Configuring Server Pools
      2. Using the Oracle VM Manager to Create and Manage Server Pools and Servers
      3. Using the OEM Grid Control to Create and Manage Server Pools and Servers
      4. Using the Oracle VM CLI to Create and Manage Server Pools and Servers
      5. Summary
    2. CHAPTER 13 Configuring Server Resources
      1. Server Resources
      2. Configuring Server Resources Using the Oracle VM Manager
      3. Configuring Server Resources Using OEM Grid Control
      4. Configuring Server Resources Using the Oracle VM CLI
      5. Summary
    3. CHAPTER 14 Monitoring and Tuning the Virtual Machine Server
      1. Performance Monitoring
      2. Tuning the Oracle VM Server System
      3. Tuning Virtual Machines
      4. Summary
  10. PART IV: Installing and Configuring the Guest OS
    1. CHAPTER 15 Creating Templates
      1. Creating Templates Manually
      2. Creating Templates Using the Template Builder
      3. Summary
    2. CHAPTER 16 Using Templates to Create Virtual Machines and Configuring Resources
      1. Creating the Virtual Machine Using a Template
      2. Configuring Resources on the Virtual Machine
      3. Summary
    3. CHAPTER 17 Creating Virtual Machines Manually
      1. Creating a Virtual Machine Using ISO Images and Installation Media
      2. Creating a Virtual Machine Using PXE Boot
      3. Installing the Guest OS
      4. Summary
    4. CHAPTER 18 Converting Other Virtual Images to Oracle VM
      1. Converting External Virtual Images to Oracle VM
      2. VMware
      3. Microsoft Hyper-V
      4. Physical Machines
      5. Image Conversion Best Practices
      6. Summary
    5. CHAPTER 19 Managing the VM Environment and Virtual Machines
      1. Managing the State of the Virtual Machines
      2. Changing the Configuration of the Virtual Machines
      3. Deploying and Cloning Virtual Machines
      4. Summary
    6. CHAPTER 20 Virtualization Summary and Best Practices
      1. The Future of Virtualization
      2. Best Practices
      3. Summary
  11. PART V: Appendixes and Glossary
    1. APPENDIX A Configuring Linux Support Functions
      1. Staging Images
      2. Configuring the NFS Server
      3. Configuring PXE Boot
    2. APPENDIX B Oracle VM Log Files
      1. VM Server Log Files
      2. VM Agent Log Files
      3. VM Manager Log Files
      4. General Log Files
    3. Glossary
    4. Index

Product information

  • Title: Oracle VM Implementation and Administration Guide
  • Author(s): Edward Whalen
  • Release date: August 2011
  • Publisher(s): McGraw Hill Computing
  • ISBN: 9780071639200