Enabling and Using Sound

Sound can help make your presentations richer in a number of ways. For example, if your meeting or class can get heated and out of hand, you might use a sound to instantly grab everyone’s attention and get them to take a deep breath. You might use sound to give the pronunciations of difficult words in a language lesson. You might use sound to congratulate the person who got a right answer or contributed something useful to the discussion.

All the objects work independently of each other, enabling you to add different sounds to different objects.

Finding sound files

tip.eps If you want to use sound, it must be an MP3 file. The good news is, you can download many MP3 files free from sources such as the following:

check.png Lit2Go: http://etc.usf.edu/lit2go

check.png SoundBible.com: www.soundbible.com

check.png Sound Jay: www.soundjay.com

check.png Soundzabound: www.soundzabound.com

check.png Soungle: www.soungle.com ...

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