Downloading the Software

If your school or company has set up the interactive whiteboards, the software you need will be installed on the computer attached to the whiteboard. All you’ll need to do is begin using it. You can use the Internet to access your documents if they’re stored on a web-accessible server, or you can connect a USB thumb drive to your computer (or directly to some interactive whiteboards — note that not all the interactive whiteboards have USB ports) to access your work.

If you’re setting up the interactive whiteboard yourself, you’ll need to install the software using the CD that came with your product. It’s a relatively simple process, just like installing any new software: You insert the CD into your CD-ROM drive and follow the instructions on the screen.

tip.eps If your interactive whiteboard didn’t come with a software CD, you may have to download the software from SMART’s website ( ).

You can use most SMART software, including SMART Notebook software and SMART Meeting Pro software, without the interactive whiteboard. This means that you can work on your presentations at home, without being connected to the whiteboard through your work network. Don’t forget that you first need to download the software on your laptop or home computer (see Chapter 5).

When you install the software to work with your interactive whiteboard, you’ll also install ...

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