owerful time management is a learnable skill. Distinguish
what is important from what is urgent, apply the 80:20 rule,
find things you can defer, delegate or drop. This chapter
will give you an overview of the basic principles of time manage-
ment, so that you can once again feel in control of your time.
There is no single solution to time management; different
techniques will work for different people. In Brilliant Time
Management, the OATS Principle is used to draw together a
lot of powerful techniques into a simple process. Here is a brief
The OATS Principle
Write it down
If you have a head full of things you need or want to do, this
can cause you stress. Just by writing it all down, you can free up
mental capacity without the worry that you will forget something
important. Secondly, once you have written something down, it
will take on a more objective level of importance in your mind.
So, that job around the house that you have been telling yourself
that you must do for the last year will start to look a whole lot
more like a ‘nice to do’ job that you can schedule into a Sunday
morning in the next couple of months.
The OATS Principle gives you a simple process for writing down
and planning the things you need to do.

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