Let the Second Edit Begin!

You took care of some basic image adjustments during the first round of editing (make sure to check out Chapter 11), which should happen before you show pictures to the couple or start selecting images for the album. After you or the newlyweds have chosen all the photos for the wedding album, it’s time to dive into the second edit.

remember.eps Note that the second edit applies only to those photos that are included in the album or are printed. The reason for limiting how many photos you edit is that even though the editing doesn’t have to be extreme, it still takes quite a bit of work. Unless you’d like to spend months doing a second edit of every wedding of 800 or more photos, you’ll only want to fine-tune the images that are going to be showcased.

The second round of editing involves retouching images where they need it, as well as sharpening and saving the photos for print. In the following sections, I give you step-by-step instructions on how to perfect your images in Adobe Photoshop and how to save the images at the correct resolution.


Photoshop is known for the ability to “airbrush” photos and make an image look flawless. Unfortunately, sometimes people go overboard in their edits and make their subjects look too glowy, with eyes about to jump off the page.

As you retouch your wedding photos, it is important to remember that you don’t want your edits ...

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