Exploring the SSIS Environment in Brief

In order to get a high level view of Integration Services you are going to step through an example. This example will use the AdventureWorks database, available for free download at www.codeplex.com.

Imagine that you are a database developer for Adventureworks Bicycles. Business has been fantastic, and the company expanded its sales to an increasing number of outlets. Many websites now carry your bicycles so that you receive Product Reviews from multiple sources, which you must import via text files.

You are tasked with creating the SSIS Project that can load these reviews into the AdventureWorks database, specifically the Production.ProductReview table, as shown in Figure 52.2. You start with one Product Review site: BikesNSuch. The files you receive are named bikesnsuch.txt/. See Figure 52.1 for the file layout. The file contains the ProductNumber, which you must use to locate and load the actual ProductID in the Adventureworks database. The sample file can be downloaded from this book's website. [insert]52.2

Figure 52.1 The source file. Notice the absence of a ProductID.


Figure 52.2 Target table in Adventureworks (two views, one including the foreign key reference to Product).


You extract the source file's rows, transform the data to ...

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