Analyzing the invoice dates

We can also look at the distribution plots of InvoiceDate. But first, the date will need to be transformed to date format (Capture.output shows it as a string) and sorted first:

 InvoiceDate <- gsub(" .*$", "", OnlineRetail$InvoiceDate) InvoiceDate <- (as.Date(InvoiceDate, format = "%m/%d/%Y")) InvoiceDate <- sort(InvoiceDate, decreasing = FALSE) 

First, observe from the output of the str() function that InvoiceDate is now truly in date format:

> str(InvoiceDate)

This is the following output:

Date[1:541909], format: "2010-12-01" "2010-12-01" "2010-12-01" "2010-12-01" "2010-12-01" "2010-12-01" "2010-12-01" "201... <truncated>

We can see from the head and tail commands, as well as the plots, that the invoices ...

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