Visual Content Marketing

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Your ticket to generating better results through infographics

Visual Content Marketing is a more than just a guide to infographics. Written for business people dealing with complex offerings, this is a hands-on, in-the-trenches guide to leveraging this emerging medium to reach bottomline business goals.

Uniquely, this book addresses the full range of visual solutions, with an emphasis on using these products to create real business value. Inside, you'll learn the ins and outs of infographics, interactive pictograms, video, animations, data-driven visualizations, and other conversion-generating graphical content. Get inspired by the groundbreaking examples showcased here, and learn how to manage every aspect of visual content, from sourcing suppliers to leveraging content on the appropriate media platforms.

Author Stephen Gamble is a leader in visual marketing solutions, with over twenty years of experience in the industry. Thousands look to his firm, Frame Concepts, for insider tips on generating revenue with the help of innovative graphics. This insider knowledge is at your fingertips in Visual Content Marketing. To meet your demanding business goals, you need new ideas. This book will show you how to infuse visual content where and when it counts.

  • Generate high-quality leads and revenue with infographics, video, data visualizations, and more
  • Identify the visual marketing and engagement strategies that will work for your business
  • Source and manage talented content suppliers who will deliver on your strategic vision
  • Integrate eye-popping visual solutions to update your brand and achieve your business goals

Focusing on the visual is the secret to success in the effort to win customer engagement and attention. Visual Content Marketing is applicable to every business function and industry. With this book, you have the start-to-finish information you need to leverage visual solutions to great effect.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Acknowledgements
  6. About the Author
  7. About the Content
  8. About Frame Concepts
  9. Foreword
  10. References
  11. About the Author and This Book
    1. First-Hand Knowledge of Communication Challenges and Visual Solutions
    2. Presented from the Perspective of a Business Person, not a Designer
  12. About This Book
    1. Three Main Sections
  13. Introduction: Notes from the Underground
    1. My Career Life Is Symptomatic of Our Business Communication Challenges
    2. My First Business Communication Lesson: Explaining the Business Value of Preventative Maintenance
    3. Academic Complex Communications
    4. Corporate Training
    5. Wall Street
    6. The Startup Laundry Machine
    7. A Lot at Stake with Startups
    8. Some Visual Light at the End of the Tunnel
    9. A Sketch Helps Business
    10. Netting It All Out
  14. Part 1: Why Visual Solutions for Business?
    1. Why Is There a Business Communication Problem?
      1. Is Business Communication Important to the Bottom Line?
      2. So Why Is There a Communication Problem?
      3. Information Overload
      4. Information Economy
      5. Attention Deficit Syndrome
      6. Innovation Requires New Understanding
      7. Differentiation in a Crowded Space Very Nuanced
      8. Offerings Becoming Increasingly More Specialized
      9. Buyers Have No Time
      10. Media Consumption Increasingly Visual in the Media/Consumer World
    2. Solution: Information Design
      1. Graphic Design Vs. Information Design
      2. Illustration vs. Information Design
      3. Technical Communication Vs. Information Design
      4. Copywriting and Stock Photo Sourcing
      5. So How is Information Design Different?
      6. The Ingredients of Information Design
      7. Pencil Sketch: Driving Visual Ideation
    3. Leveraging Information Design for Business Communications: A Perfect Storm
      1. The Audience Already Enjoys Visual Communication in Media and Consumer ChannelS
      2. The Rise of Content and Inbound Marketing
      3. Data Analytics Has Become Mainstream
      4. Value and Solution Selling Have Become the Norm
    4. The Argument for Visual-Centric Approach
      1. Why Are Visual Solutions So Effective in Business Communications?
      2. Visuals in Business: The Psychological Argument
      3. Visual Solutions in Business: The Marketing Metric Argument
      4. Visual Solutions in Business: The Organic Argument
      5. Opposing the Financial (or Luxury) Argument
  15. Part 2: Planning and Managing the Visual Solution Process in your Business
    1. Strategy — Scoping in Visual Solutions to Your Organization
      1. Where to Start?
      2. Considerations
      3. It All Starts at Home
      4. On to Content Marketing
      5. Validating your Approach and Your Solutions
      6. Sales Tools
      7. Getting Everyone Onboard
    2. Selecting Vendors: The Landscape
      1. Traditional Options
      2. Visualizing Visual Options
      3. 1. Do-It-Yourself Tools
      4. 2. Infographic Freelancer
      5. 3. Community Site of Infographic Designers
      6. 4. Traditional Marketing or PR Agency
      7. 5. Ad Agency
      8. 6. Technical Writers
      9. 7. “Explainer” Video Shop
      10. Evaluating Information Design Agencies
    3. Managing Vendors: A Repeatable Creative Process
      1. Getting the Best Creative Within Predictable Timelines
      2. Pre-Delivery: The Outline
      3. Concept Sketch: Ideation Begins
      4. Partial Render
      5. Final Stage: Full Render
      6. Extending from Static to Interactive, Animation, and Data-Driven Visualization Application
      7. Interactive Storyboard
      8. Animation Storyboard
      9. Data-Driven Visualization Process Storyboard
  16. Part 3: Showcase of Visual Solutions
    1. Visual Solutions in Business Action
      1. The Short Answer is that Visual Solutions can be Applied Everywhere
      2. A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words
      3. Visual Solutions Are Being Applied Everywhere
      4. Visual Application Samples Category
    2. Infographics
      1. Financial Data Innovation Lab Wants to Visually Showcase Innovation Output
      2. Large Digital Media Company Needs to Shake Up Advertisers During Ad Week with Ecommerce Metrics
      3. Predictive Analytics Firm Uses Infographic to Debrief Analysts
    3. Inbound Marketing Programs
      1. Networking Vendor Scope Visual Strategy Around Their Differentiated Offering
      2. Reputation Consultancy Gets Existing Clients to Appreciate Value of Delivered Offering
      3. Small Business Health Index Iconic Design Is Integrated with Infographic Content Program
    4. Video
      1. Enterprise Software Animation Takes the Audience to the Sea with a Compelling Data Management Visual Animation
      2. Client Virtualization Gets an Animated Journey with an Infographic Bonus
      3. Enterprise Firm Lets Traffic Analogy Drive Data Management Research Key Findings Home with Animation
    5. Solution Pictograms
      1. Trading Communications Platform Uses Visual Pictogram to Contextualize Offering in Trading Lifecycle
      2. Video Analytics Firm Applies Pictogram to Case Study Program
      3. Networking Solution Company Applies Pictogram to Case Study Program
    6. Interactive Solution Pictograms
      1. Social Recruiting Platform Gets Interactive Visual Explanatory Lift
      2. Construction Field Software Startup Shows Efficiencies Improvement in Visual Before and After Pictogram
      3. Trading Communications Platform
    7. Data-Driven Visualizations and Applications
      1. Nuclear Spare Parts Division Needs to Visually Cause Their Clients to Order Spare Parts
      2. An Accounting Association Celebrates 125-Year History with Tablet Data-Driven Visual Timeline
      3. Healthcare Managed Service Provider Trains Its Stakeholders the Best Service Delivery Framework with Visual Interactive Card Training Game
    8. Startup Organizations Visual Solutions
      1. Large Construction Projects Software Startup Engages with Interactive Pictogram
      2. Meeting Software Platform Startup Shows Business Inefficiencies in Traditional Meetings
      3. Innovative Startup for Movie Industry Showcase New Model
    9. Agency Organization's Visual Solutions
      1. SEO Agency Leverages Infographic to Drive Their Client's Traffic
      2. Marketing Automation Consultancy Automates the Understanding of Their Processes
      3. Branding Agency Leverages iPad Dynamic Timeline Data Visualization
    10. Not For Profit Organizations Visual Solutions
      1. Children and Widow Charitable Organization
      2. Architectural Association Showcases Value to Community
    11. Enterprise Organizations Visual Solutions
      1. Nuclear Energy Spare Parts Provider Engages its Clients with Data-Driven Visualizations Tools
      2. Financial Data Firm Showcases Financial Data Innovation with Infographic Series
      3. Network Performance Monitoring Solution Visualizes How Process Delivers Business Value
    12. Training and Change Management Visual Solutions
      1. Managed Health Services Provider Trains Its Staff with Interactive Application
      2. Trading Analyst Training Agency Leverages Pictogram to Show Competency Gaps
      3. Sales Training Consultancy Shows Transition to Solution from Product
    13. Operations and Support Visual Solutions
      1. Canadian Telecommunications Provider Enables Its Clients to Appreciate Its New Platform of Integrated Data Services
      2. Data Reconciliation Offering Gets Its Clients Onboard with Integrated Visual Solution
      3. Video Analytics Firm Demonstrates the Social Effect of Super Bowl Ads with Data Visualization
    14. Social Media and PR Visual Solutions
      1. Online Real Estate Gets on the Wall Street Journal Blog
      2. New Name for California Credit Union Calls for a New Infographic Social Media Play
    15. Research Visual Solutions
      1. Enterprise Software Vendor Showcases Innovation with a Three-Part Infographic Series
      2. IT Hardware Provider Puts Viewer on Client Virtualization Journey
      3. Innovative Green Startup Showcases Energy Savings Research
    16. Sales and Marketing Visual Solutions
      1. Leading Reputation Consultancy Markets Their Insight Workshop
      2. Social Media Recruitment Platform Visualizes Steps in Sales
      3. New Product Release in the Enterprise Risk Space Gets a Visual Product Brochure
    17. Product Development and Programmers
      1. Nuclear Spare Parts Provider Wanted to Dynamically Visualize Spare Parts
      2. Pension Fund: Security Impact on Bottom Line
      3. Innovative Media Analytics Platform Unifies Online Television Metrics on One Dashboard
    18. Construction and Real Estate Industry Visual Solutions
      1. Showcasing an Innovative Construction Solution on a Tablet
      2. Green Energy Startup Showcases Approach and Savings with Infographic
      3. Real Estate Infographic Goes Wall Street Journal Viral
    19. Education Industry Visual Solutions
      1. Visual Engagement for Literacy Learning Application
      2. Tablet Vendor Shows How Tablets are the Next Generation Classroom
      3. Higher Education Gets an ROI Visualization
    20. Energy Industry Visual Solutions
      1. Dynamically Displaying Spare Parts Status
      2. Green Energy Startup Showcases Approach and Savings with Infographic
      3. Dynamically Displaying the Control Room in 3D
    21. Financial Services Visual Solutions
      1. Showcases New Trading Communication Platform
      2. Credit Union Drives Distinction Between a Bank and a Credit Union
      3. Insurance Brokers Association Showcases Their Membership in Numbers
    22. Visual Solutions for the Healthcare Industry
      1. New Community-Based Delivery Model Gets Visual
      2. Offering Interactive Training Game to Showcase Managed Services
      3. Dental Kits Distribution Visualization
    23. HR and Recruiting Industry Visual Solutions
      1. Social and Mobile Recruiting Solution Gets Interactive and Visual
      2. Social Employee Referral Program Gets a Visual Sales Slide Presentation
      3. Pharmaceutical Merger Visually Translated into Improved Employee Experience
    24. Ideation and Product Development Industry Visual Solutions
      1. Finance New Credit Approval Process: Storyboarding Ideation Phase
      2. Innovation Lab Rolling Out New Financial Data-Driven Solutions
      3. Collaborative Tool Goes Through Visual Ideation Phase
    25. IT/Networking Industry Visual Solutions
      1. Predictive Analytics Firm Debriefs Analysts Visually
      2. Large Networking Vendor Visualizes Best Practices for Setting Up Network
      3. IT Network Data Visualization: Top of Mind for CIOs
    26. Management Consulting Industry Visual Solutions
      1. Reputation Consultancy Visualizes Results Against Bottom Line
      2. Management Consulting Firm New Corporate Performance Model Gets Visualization
      3. Marketing Consulting Firm Gets Clients Onboard with Automation Process
    27. Media Industry Visual Solutions
      1. Digital Media Company Disturbs Ad Week with Infographic Series
      2. Independent Film Platform Startup Shakes Things Up with Pictogram
      3. Analytics Firm New User Interface Integrates TV and Online Metrics
    28. Pharmaceutical Industry Visual Solutions
      1. Large Pharmaceutical Merger Leverages Pictogram to Get Staff Onboard
      2. Improving Prescription Delivery with Tablets
      3. New Allergy Over-the-Counter Drug Gets Interactive Engagement
    29. Professional Services Industry Visual Solutions
      1. Marketing Automation Firm Visualizes Its Marketing Automation Process
      2. Architecture Association Poster-Foldout Shows Community Value
      3. Accounting Association Visually Celebrated 125th Anniversary with iPad Dynamic Visualization
    30. Research Industry Visual Solutions
      1. Research Infographic Showcases Best Practices for New Construction Network Deployment
      2. Data Visualization Highlights Management Consulting Firm Research on New Business Performance Model
      3. Financial Data Firm Small Business Health Index Research Report Gets Iconic Treatment
    31. Retail and Ecommerce Industry Visual Solutions
      1. Digital Media Firm Visually Shakes Things Up at Ad Week Trade Show
      2. Tablet Maker Showcases How Tablets Are Reinventing the Retail Customer Experience
      3. Translating Super Bowl Ads Metrics to Social Channel Performance
    32. Software Industry Visual Solutions
      1. Global ERP Software Vendor Engages with Shipping Analogy
      2. Large Enterprise Software Vendor Showcases Productivity in Cloud
      3. Security Software Vendor Shows Right Approach to Patch Management
    33. Technology Industry Visual Solutions
      1. Large Computer Hardware Vendor Showcases Benefits of a Converged Infrastructure
      2. Demonstrating Business Value for Tablets
      3. Big Data and Social Business
    34. Telecommunications Industry Visual Solutions
      1. Alaskan Telecommunications Firm Showcases an Engineering Marvel
      2. Canadian Data Services FIrm Visually Launches its New Platform of Business Data Services
      3. Wireless Provider Engages with an Infographic Rich Media Ad
    35. Travel Industry Visual Solutions
      1. Large IT Airport Solution Provider Infographic “Facts” Showcases Impressive Numbers and Innovation
      2. Student Travel Agency Visually Demonstrated Differentiated Value
      3. Cloud Services in an Airport Industry Context
  17. In Closing: A Sobering and a Positive Note
    1. Sobering Note
    2. Positive Note
    3. Epilogue: A Call to Visual Action
  18. Index
  19. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Visual Content Marketing
  • Author(s): Stephen Gamble
  • Release date: April 2016
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119157434