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We have now seen why visual solutions need to be part of your overall business communication practice, so let's practically look at how to apply them. The range of application is as wide as communications goals and content itself. On a practical level, we have already seen how to scope them into your communications effort with the scoping sketch approach in Chapter 5, Strategy: Scoping in Visual Solutions to Your Organization. We also, as a concept-raising exercise, came up with an infographic suggesting a few ways to apply them.

Figure depicting an infographic on suggestive ways to apply visual solutions. An electric bulb with fuel meter (as in cars), where the needle is pointing at F, depicts the top five ways to apply visual solutions to the marketing strategy. The top five ways are: increase the viral factor, convert or die, what's in your “wallet share?”, get employees onboard, and get clients in the right frame of mind.

The Short Answer is that Visual Solutions can be Applied Everywhere

Within the scope of this book, we certainly do not want to overlap lessons on what content and product marketing and employee communications and application interface design are, but we want readers to realize that a visual-centric approach using information design is a game-changer for these interfaces. The theme of this book is that these ubiquitous categories of communications and engagement interfaces with the marketplace and employees are in need of the explanatory and engagement lift that information design can bring.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words ...

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