Managing Vendors: A Repeatable Creative Process

  • Getting the Best Creative Within Predictable Timelines
  • Pre-Delivery: The Outline
  • Concept Sketch: Ideation Begins
  • Partial Render
  • Final Stage: Full Render
  • Extending from Static to Interactive, Animation, and Data-Driven Visualization Application
  • Interactive Storyboard
  • Animation Storyboard
  • Data-Driven Visualization Process Storyboard

Getting the Best Creative Within Predictable Timelines

Sounds like a bit of a contradiction, but one wants the most intuitive and engaging visual end-product done on budget and on time. We have developed a repeatable process that balances the need to keep the client in the loop and the project on track while putting our best creative foot forward at each iteration stage. The two key ingredients are the almighty pencil sketch and an iterative process. Let's take a look at the core three-step process and later look at extending a static infographic into other applications, including interactive and animated and data-driven visualizations and applications.

A colorful pictorial illustration on managing the visual content provider, where in the first part few people are sitting on chairs and some standing and facing a blackboard kept on a stand. Another person is standing next to the blackboard. The second part describes the five tips to make sure the visual content meets the business needs. The tips are: create a kick-ass fact sheet, learn to love the pencil, storyboard it, get branded, and launch, share, and gather metrics.

Pre-Delivery: The Outline

Sketch, Partial Render and Final Delivery

Well before we start on the sketch, it's good to have a clear idea of what the content is about. This includes addressing the audience(s) and their knowledge level, relevant content and data points for the actual infographic content, business goals (awareness, education, conversion, ...

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