Why Is There a Business Communication Problem?

  • Is Business Communication Important to the Bottom Line?
  • So Why Is There a Communication Problem?
  • Information Overload
  • Information Economy
  • Attention Deficit Syndrome
  • Innovation Requires New Understanding
  • Differentiation in a Crowded Space Very Nuanced
  • Offerings Becoming Increasingly More Specialized
  • Buyers Have No Time
  • Media Consumption Increasingly Visual in the Media/Consumer World

Is Business Communication Important to the Bottom Line?

I suppose if one wanted to pull back to a high level and just talk about business communication writ large and its relevance when one is concerned about business success, I have come to the conclusion that if one cannot make the marketplace (and employees and management and partners) come to terms with what you are about'what you and your offerings are about'and you furthermore cannot motivate them to engage with your offerings, you have little chance of business success. Going back to the introduction and putting a bit of personal viewpoint into our analysis: all of the companies I worked for, especially the startups, were concerned about the marketplace “getting” them. They were concerned about the VCs; they were concerned about getting the right talent onboard and excited about the new vision; they were concerned about the beta clients; they were concerned about the analysts and the media pundits; and of course they were concerned about the mainstream marketplace. From my experiences, it always ...

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