Label — \windows\system32\label.exe


Change the label of any hard disk, floppy disk, or removable media.

To Open

Command Prompt label


label [drive:] [label]


Every disk has a label, the name shown in Explorer next to the drive letter (except for floppies). To change the label for any disk, right-click on its icon in Explorer (or the My Computer window), select Properties, and type a new name in the unlabeled field at the top of the properties window. The Label tool duplicates this functionality from the command line. For example, to change the label of drive c: to “shoebox,” type:

label c: shoebox

If you omit label, you will be prompted to enter a new label. If you omit drive, label will use the current drive.


A disk’s label has no effect on the operation of the disk; for hard disks, it’s purely decorative. For CDs and other removable media, it’s used to quickly identify what’s in the drive.

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