MSN Gaming Zone


A collection of games that can be played with other users over the Internet.

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Windows XP ships with eleven games, five of which are part of the MSN Gaming Zone and support play with other users over the Internet. All five games, while different in gameplay, work similarly. When you first start one of the games, you are automatically connected to a gaming server provided by Microsoft that is designed to post the communication between all of the different users. In addition to allowing collaborative play, a simple chat session is initiated in which the players can type text messages to communicate. Consult Help in any game window for playing tips.


  • The MSN Gaming Zone randomly assigns players to games, so you never know who you’re up against. By default, the selected skill level is beginner, which unfortunately pits you against other users who’re most likely just goofing around, probably trying these games for the first time. Your best bet to find a more serious opponents is to select an Intermediate or Advanced skill level by going to Game Skill Level.

  • If the gaming server can’t find a human opponent at any given time, one or more computer opponents will be used. However, there is no way to specify a computer opponent. ...

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