To clearly define your goal statement include What and When.

What is the result or outcome with measurement defined (i.e., closed sales, contracts signed, appointments set, etc). When is the Time/Date to achieve your result or outcome. If you can assign a date right now, great; if not, fill it in later.

Here are a few examples of goal statements that include What and When specifics:

• On 12/31/xx I have twelve contracts signed for $2.25 million of delivered product in January 20xx.

• By 9/1/xx, I exercise for a minimum of thirty minutes, four days a week.

• On 6/30/xx my six-month sales goal of $900,000 is reached.

• On 12/31/xx my annual income is $250,000.

Figure 13–1 Goal Planner™ 205

It is a good practice to break annual goals ...

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