Customer Relationship Management: Getting It Right!

Book Description

Build a winning CRM program—one step at a time.

This book presents a complete, step-by-step blueprint for designing, implementing, and managing a successful CRM program. The former Director of HP's enterprise-wide CRM initiative shows how to identify the elements of CRM most crucial to your organization, then implement infrastructure to deliver on your key priorities, whatever they are. Through real-world case studies drawing on her extensive experience as a CRM leader and consultant, Judith W. Kincaid addresses both the managerial and technical challenges of CRM. Kincaid's authoritative process examples and detailed templates make it easier to get started—and get results.

  • Developing realistic strategic plans and roadmaps customized to your organization

  • Getting started fast, and iterating small steps to powerful success

  • Addressing all customer touchpoints: Web, e-mail, call centers, direct mail, sales contacts, tech support, and more

  • Establishing realistic expectations and metrics

  • Translating your CRM objectives into essential organizational changes

  • Designing integrated customer databases and infrastructure

  • Understanding the crucial interactions between the technical and management aspects of CRM

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Hewlett-Packard® Professional Books
  3. Preface
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. CRM: Is It Right for Your Company?
    1. Commerce in the 21st Century
      1. Understanding the Landscape
      2. Defining “Customer Loyalty”
      3. Loyalty in the New Marketplace
      4. Building and Managing Relationships in the New Marketplace
      5. Questions for Reflection
    2. The Case for Customer Relationship Management
      1. Understanding Common CRM Obstacles
      2. Seeing the Total Customer Experience
      3. Defining Customer Experience Management
      4. Ensuring Customer Loyalty
      5. Defining Customer Relationship Management
      6. Questions for Reflection
    3. What Is CRM?
      1. Defining “CRM”
      2. Defining CRM Concepts
      3. Understanding the Goal of CRM
      4. Using Customer Touch Points
      5. Deciding Who Should Lead the CRM Functions
      6. Creating a New Role for Marketing
      7. Questions for Reflection
    4. e-CRM—What's the Difference?
      1. Merging CRM and the Internet
      2. Delivering CRM On and Off the Internet
      3. Recognizing Barriers to Internet Adoption
      4. Questions For Reflection
  6. CRM: Planning It Right
    1. Understanding the Method
      1. Understanding the Formality of CRM
      2. Developing Your CRM Strategy
      3. Building a CRM Component
      4. Analyzing and Segmenting Customers
      5. Taking It to Your Customers
      6. Getting Ready for the Next Project
      7. Questions for Reflection
    2. Get Ready: Avoiding Common Barriers
      1. Creating a CRM Culture
      2. Creating Realistic Expectations
      3. Building an Operational Infrastructure
      4. Questions for Reflection
    3. Get Set: Organizing for Success
      1. Defining the Organizational Scope
      2. Bridging Organizational Gaps
      3. Marrying Organization and Governance
      4. Garnering Leadership's Support
      5. Adding Adjunct Team Members (Consultants and Contractors)
      6. Questions for Reflection
    4. Go! Developing Your CRM Strategy
      1. Answering the Three Key Questions
      2. Using Strategic Planning Tools
      3. Collecting Data
      4. Assessing Findings
      5. Creating a Strategic Proposal
      6. Questions for Reflection
    5. Launching a Project
      1. Choosing the Right Project
      2. Deciding What Needs to Be Done
      3. Determining Component Scope
      4. Winning and Keeping Support
      5. Questions for Reflection
  7. CRM: Building It Right
    1. Building Infrastructure Components
      1. Following the Steps to Building Infrastructure
      2. Gathering Business Requirements
      3. Analyzing and Designing Components
      4. Constructing a Solution
      5. Putting It All Together
      6. Questions for Reflection
    2. Understanding the Information Component
      1. Understanding Data and Information: What Does It All Mean?
      2. Following Information Engineering Steps
      3. Integrating Your Databases (The Information Gold Mine)
      4. Questions for Reflection
    3. Understanding the Process Component
      1. Process, Schmocess—What Are We Talking About?
      2. Following Process Engineering Steps
      3. Choosing Process Automation Software
      4. Questions for Reflection
    4. Understanding the Technology Component
      1. Understanding the Technology…That's the IT Department's Job, Right?
      2. Following the Technology Engineering Steps
      3. Making Technology Decisions
      4. Questions for Reflection
    5. Understanding the People Component
      1. Engineering People?
      2. Following Change Engineering Steps
      3. Moving Forward: Beware of Black Holes
      4. Questions for Reflection
    6. Managing the Project
      1. Beginning the Development Project
      2. Controlling the Project
      3. Finishing the Development Project
      4. Questions for Reflection
  8. CRM: Using It Right
    1. Integrating Components
      1. Transitioning From Inside to Outside Work
      2. Integrating the Information Component
      3. Combining Process, Technology, and People
      4. Questions for Reflection
    2. Finding the “Right” Customers
      1. Creating a Customer Profile
      2. Knowing Your Customers
      3. Getting Down and Dirty with the Data
      4. Segmenting Customers
      5. Targeting Customers
      6. Understanding the Tools
      7. Questions for Reflection
    3. Delivering the Customer Offer
      1. Delivering the Offer
      2. Designing the Offer
      3. Preparing the Offer Message(s)
      4. Presenting the Offer
      5. “Doing” CRM On and Off the Web
      6. Questions for Reflection
    4. Evaluating Project Results
      1. Evaluating Performance Metrics
      2. Understanding Value Metrics
      3. Reviewing and Tuning Your Strategy
      4. Questions for Reflection
  9. CRM: Keeping It Right
    1. Managing Quality Information As a Company Asset
      1. Understanding Information Quality—Why Bother?
      2. Identifying Data Quality Issues
      3. Planning Information Quality
      4. Getting Information Quality
      5. Using Tools to Manage Data
      6. Owning Data Versus Responsibility for Data
      7. Questions for Reflection
    2. Designing Quality Systems for a Competitive Advantage
      1. Understanding System Quality
      2. Identifying System Quality Issues
      3. Planning System Quality
      4. Getting System Quality
      5. Understanding Why Web-Based Systems Are the Most Demanding
      6. Questions for Reflection
    3. Customer Privacy: Seize Your Opportunity
      1. Why Should You Care?
      2. What Is Privacy?
      3. What Do the Five Elements of Privacy Mean to You?
      4. Writing Your Online Statement
      5. Managing the Balance between Self-regulation and Legislation
      6. Getting Started Now
      7. Questions for Reflection
    4. CRM: You Got It, Right?
      1. Knowing Your Company's CRM Goals
      2. Knowing What a Successful CRM Program Looks Like
      3. Knowing How You're Going to Get There
      4. Knowing What It Takes to Achieve Success
      5. Knowing How to Get Started
      6. So Where Will CRM Go from Here?
    5. Glossary of Terms
    6. Tools and Templates
      1. Putting Together a Strategic Plan
      2. Choosing a Project and Its Duration and Scope
      3. Setting the Project Scope
      4. Executing the Infrastructure Development Project
    7. Self-Assessments
      1. Organizational Self-Assessment
      2. Internet Readiness
      3. Privacy Self-Assessment
    8. Information: The Raw Material of CRM
      1. Information Engineering
      2. Owner's Wants: Data Classes
      3. Owner's Needs: Business Subjects
      4. Designer's View: Entities and Relationships
      5. Completing the Information Component
      6. Relationship Types
      7. Data Element Naming Standards
  10. Index

Product Information

  • Title: Customer Relationship Management: Getting It Right!
  • Author(s): Judith W. Kincaid
  • Release date: October 2002
  • Publisher(s): Prentice Hall
  • ISBN: 013035211X