edit — Text Editor (Variant of ex for Casual Users)


/usr/bin/edit [- | -s] [-l] [-L] [-R] [-r [filename]] [-t tag] [-v] [-V] 
  [-x] [-wn] [-C] [+command | -c command] filename... 
/usr/xpg4/bin/edit [- | -s] [-l] [-L] [-R] { -r [filename]] 
  [-t tag] [-v] [-V] [-x] [-wn] [-C] [+command | -c command] 


The edit command is a variant of the text editor ex and is recommended for new or casual users who want to use a command-oriented editor. It operates precisely as ex with the following options automatically set:

novice On
report On
showmode On
magic Off

The following brief introduction should help you get started with edit. If you are using a CRT terminal, you may want to learn about the display editor vi.

The edit ...

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