xgettext — Extract gettext Call Strings from C Programs


/usr/bin/xgettext [-ns][-a [-x exclude-file]][-c comment-tag] 
  [-d default-domain] [-j][-m prefix][-M suffix][-p pathname] 
  - | filename... 
/usr/bin/xgettext -h 


Use the xgettext command to automate the creation of portable message files (.po). A .po file contains copies of C strings that are found in ANSI C source code in filename or the standard input if you specify - on the command line. You can use the .po file as input to the msgfmt(1) command, which produces a binary form of the message file that can be used by an application during runtime.

xgettext writes msgid strings from gettext(3C) calls in filename to the default output file messages.po. You can change ...

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