graph — Draw a Graph


/usr/bin/graph [-a spacing [start]] [-b] [-c string] 
  [-g gridstyle] [-l label] [-m connectmode] [-s] 
  [-x [l] lower [upper [spacing]]] 
  [-y [l] lower [upper [spacing]]] [-h fraction] 
  [-w fraction] [-r fraction] [-u fraction] [-t] ... 


If you type graph with no options, an se prompt is displayed. You can type a pair of numbers, separated by a comma or by white space, that are used as abscissas and ordinates of a graph. Successive points are connected by straight lines. The standard output from graph contains plotting instructions suitable for input to plot(1B) or to the command lpr -g (see lpr(1B)).

If the coordinates of a point are followed by a nonnumeric string, that string is printed as a label beginning ...

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