sccs-delta, delta — Make a Delta to an SCCS File


/usr/ccs/bin/delta [-dnps][-g sid-list | -g sid-list] 
  [-m mr-list | -m mr-list][-r sid | -r sid][-y[comment]] 
/usr/xpg4/bin/delta [-dnps][-g sid-list | -g sid-list] 
  [-m mr-list| -m mr-list][-r sid | -r sid][-y[comment]] 


Use the SCCS delta command to check in a record of the line-by-line differences made to a checked-out version of a file under SCCS control. These changes are taken from the writable working copy that was retrieved with the SCCS get command (see sccs-get(1)). This working copy does not have the s. prefix and is also referred to as a g-file.

If you specify a directory name in place of the s.filename argument, the delta command ...

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