kbd — Keyboard Command


/usr/bin/kbd [-r] [-t] [-c on | off] [-a enable | disable] 
  [-d keyboard device] 
/usr/bin/kbd -i [-d keyboard device] 


Use the kbd command to manipulate the state of the keyboard, display the keyboard type, or change the default keyboard abort sequence effect. The default keyboard device being set is /dev/kbd.

The -i option reads and processes default values for the keyclick and keyboard abort settings from the keyboard default file, /etc/default/kbd, shown below.

castle% more /etc/default/kbd #pragma ident "@(#)kbd.dfl 1.2 96/06/07 SMI" # # Copyright 1996, Sun Microsystems, Inc. # All Rights Reserved. # # /etc/default/kbd # # kbd default settings processed via kbd(1). # # KEYBOARD_ABORT affects ...

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