set, unset, setenv, unsetenv, export — Shell Environment Variable Built-in Functions


set [--aefhkntuvx [argument...]] 
unset [name...] 
export [name...] 
set [var [= value]] 
set var[n] = word 
unset pattern 
setenv [VAR [word]] 
unsetenv variable
set [+aefhkmnopstuvx][+o option]... [+A name] [arg...] 
unset [-f] name... 
export [name[= value]]... 


Bourne Shell

The Bourne shell set command has the following options.

-a Mark variables that are modified or created for export.
-e Exit immediately if a command exits with a non-zero exit status.
-f Disable file-name generation.
-h Locate and remember function commands as you define functions (function commands are normally located when the function is executed). ...

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