volrmmount — Call rmmount to Mount or Unmount Media


/usr/bin/volrmmount [-i|-e][name | nickname] 
/usr/bin/volrmmount [-d] 


volrmmount calls rmmount(1M) to simulate insertion (-i) or ejection (-e) of media. Simulating insertion often means that rmmount mounts the media. Conversely, simulating ejection often means that rmmount unmounts the media. However, these actions can vary, depending on the rmmount configuration and media type (see rmmount.conf(4)).

For example, if you use the default /etc/rmmount.conf and insert a music CD, it won't be mounted. However, you can configure rmmount so that it calls workman whenever you insert a music CD.

The volrmmount command enables you to override Volume Management's usual handling ...

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