Loading Partial Menus

You can define any portion of a menu file as a separate .MNU file and load that portion of the menu file by itself, allowing it to be dynamically combined with the current loaded menu. This allows a greater degree of flexibility and enables you to create menus that are discipline-specific and that can easily be changed when needed. To illustrate this, let's look at the following menu example:

 ***POP12 **CUSTOM ID_MnARCH [&Architectural] ID_Walls [&Walls]^C^C_Mline ***TOOLBARS **TB_DIMENSION ID_TbDimensi [_Toolbar("Dimension", _Floating, _Show, 100, 130, 1)] ID_Dimlinear [_Button("Linear Dimension", ICON_16_DIMLIN, ICON_16_DIMLIN)]^C^C_dimlinear ID_Dimaligne [_Button("Aligned Dimension", ICON_16_DIMALI, ICON_16_DIMALI)]^C^C_dimaligned ...

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