Office 2013

Start Screen (p. 2, 12-13, 36-39, 111-114) Office programs open to a Start Screen where you have options to open an existing document or create a new blank document or one from a template.

Ribbon Display Options (p. 4) Office includes a Ribbon Display Options button that lets you change the way the Ribbon works. The options include Auto-hide Ribbon, Show Tabs, or Show Tabs and Commands.

Enhanced Mini-Toolbar (p. 5, 66, 90-91, 160-161) You can use a Mini-Toolbar to apply styles, fills, outlines, and other options. For example, select text or right-click the object you want to modify, click the Style, Fill, or Outline button, and then select an option.

Back Button (p. 5) The File tab provides a Back button that lets you return ...

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