Review Questions

  1. Explain the principle, construction and working of a semiconductor laser.


    (Set-3–June 2005)

  2. Explain the purpose of an active medium in a gas laser.


    (Set-3–Nov. 2004)

  3. State the applications of lasers.


    (Set-1–Nov. 2003), (Set-2–Nov. 2003), (Set-3–Nov. 2003)

  4. Derive the relation between the probabilities of spontaneous emission and stimulated emission in terms of Einstein’s coefficients.


    (Set-4–Sept. 2007), (Set-1, Set-3–May 2007), (Set-2–Nov. 2004)

  5. Explain the characteristics of a laser.


    (Set-1–May 2008), (Set-2, Set-3–Sept. 2007), (Set-2–Sept. 2006), (Set-1–Nov. 2004)

  6. With the help of suitable diagrams, explain the principle, construction and working of a ruby laser.


    (Set-4–Nov. 2004)

  7. What do you understand by population ...

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