2.5 Crystal systems and Bravais lattices

For representing the type of distribution of lattice points in space, seven different co-ordinate systems are required. These co-ordinate systems are called crystal systems. The crystal systems are named on the basis of geometrical shape and symmetry. The seven crystal systems are: (1) Cubic (2) Tetragonal (3) Orthorhombic (4) Monoclinic (5) Triclinic (6) Rhombohedral (or Trigonal) and (7) Hexagonal. Space lattices are classified according to their symmetry. In 1948, Bravais showed that 14 lattices are sufficient to describe all crystals. These 14 lattices are known as Bravais lattices and are classified into 7 crystal systems based on cell parameters. The Bravais lattices are categorized as primitive ...

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