Application.OnKey(Key, [Procedure])


Assigns a macro to run when a key is pressed. Can also be used to disable built-in Excel key combinations.




The key combination to assign. The character codes are the same as for SendKeys. See Chapter 3 for the SendKeys codes.


The name of the macro to run. Setting to "" disables any built-in action for those keys; omitting this argument restores the built-in action.

The following code demonstrates how to reassign, disable, and restore a built-in key assignment:

Sub TestOnKey(  )
    ' Reassign Ctrl+C
   Application.OnKey "^c", "CopyMsg"
   ' Disable Ctrl+C
   'Application.OnKey "^c", ""
   ' Restore Ctrl+C
   ' Application.OnKey "^c"
End Sub
Sub CopyMsg(  )
    MsgBox "You can't copy right now."
End Sub

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