Part IV

Selling Your E-Book


In this part . . .

Unless you’re giving away your e-book, you need to put in place a system for selling it, and that system should be as automated as possible so that customers can buy your e-book without your direct involvement.

One tricky decision you face is how much to charge for your e-book. I devote Chapter 11 to this topic, by looking at nitty-gritty details such as how much of the cover price to keep and how best to price your e-book for maximum profit on Amazon. If you want to sell your e-book directly from your website, Chapter 12 covers a simple way to do it by using the E-junkie shopping cart software. In Chapter 13, I walk you through the steps to place your e-book on Amazon, and in Chapter 14, you can read how to distribute your e-book to other stores via Smashwords.

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