Setting Aside Time Regularly to Write Your E-Book

Writing is a high-resistance activity, so you’ll easily find reasons not to write. One common excuse I hear when I’m teaching and coaching other writers is “I just don’t have enough time to write.”

If you want to be a successful writer — one who completes major projects — make time for your writing. Treat your e-book as a serious and important project, not one that you work on only if you happen to have a few hours to spare. (Honestly, does that ever even happen?)

tip.eps To make time for your e-book, block out time in your diary. If you plan ahead and set aside a couple of evenings a week, or a full Saturday twice a month, you can safeguard your time against other commitments. Because you’re also making a promise to yourself, you’re less likely to convince yourself that you’re not in the mood and skip writing.

Choosing the right place and time to write

Take control of when and where you write. You won’t have a successful writing session if you try to sit down and work on your e-book after dinner, in front of the television, with your family seated nearby.

The best place to work on your e-book is a spot where you won’t be disturbed or interrupted. It doesn’t have to be quiet (though some writers prefer to work in silence). You might feel inspired when you’re in a busy coffee shop instead. If you write at home, ...

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