Chapter 14

Using Smashwords to Distribute Your E-Book to Other Retailers

In This Chapter

arrow Obtaining an ISBN for your e-book

arrow Setting up an account at Smashwords

arrow Uploading your e-book to Smashwords

arrow Distributing your e-book to a variety of stores

arrow Adding payment information at Smashwords

Although Amazon has a straightforward, author-friendly system for adding your e-book to its site, other online stores aren’t as obliging — Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Sony, and Apple all have different requirements. (After attempting to wade Although all the different documentation, I needed a restorative cup of tea.)

Thankfully, you can easily distribute your e-book to multiple stores by using Smashwords. Though Smashwords doesn’t yet have an arrangement to distribute to Amazon, the site has agreements with most other major online bookstores. It also sorts out the conversion of your Word document into EPUB and MOBI files (and other versions) for you.

This chapter leads you through the Smashwords process, from ...

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