Designing and Creating Your Sales Page

You can start to design your sales page before you’ve finished your e-book. Give yourself plenty of time for this task because the sales page is one of the main ways in which you convert potential readers into paying customers — especially during the initial launch of your e-book.

In addition to the critical elements covered in the preceding section, you may want to include other pieces of content on your sales page, such as these examples:

check.png Relevant biographical information about yourself: If you have a PhD in psychology and you’ve written an e-book about ways to help a friend or relative with depression, your academic qualification is obviously relevant — information that readers will want to know about.

check.png A short excerpt from the e-book: This is more commonly included with fiction than with nonfiction, but nothing is stopping you from using the technique for any sort of book. With nonfiction, you might consider having several short quotes from your e-book at different points on the sales page.

check.png Information about bonuses that you supply with the e-book: For example, if you’ve written a nonfiction e-book, it might come with useful worksheets, ...

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