Discovering What Your Audience Wants

Whether you have yet to start writing your e-book or you’ve stalled partway, you need to find out exactly what your audience wants. Ideally, your e-book sits at the point where your own areas of interests and expertise match up with the wants and needs of your audience. Though you might have a good idea of what you’re capable of writing about, you might not be as sure of what people want to read.

Follow these suggestions, discussed in the following two sections, to figure out what readers want:

check.png Look in-depth at popular e-books in your genre or field.

check.png Request help from your existing audience.

Researching popular e-books in your genre or field

Even if you don’t yet have much of an audience or a platform (see Part V for tips on how to build them), you can still do market research. You can form a reasonably accurate picture of what your potential audience wants by looking at existing e-books that are selling well. Here are a couple of suggestions:

check.png Go to the listing of Kindle e-books at Amazon ( ), and find your chosen genre or topic area. Look at the ten or so best-selling e-books, and consider their common characteristics. ...

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