Think About It

  1. 23. You cannot tell from the median.

  2. 25. It would be very heavily right-skewed.

  3. 27. Fixed-rate mortgage

  4. 29. Yes

  5. 31. Mortgage payments have a larger SD, but the coefficient of variation may be larger for the allowances.

  6. 33.

    1. Music only

    2. No, the total amount cannot be recovered from the median.

    3. No, there is variation in the data, which means that the groups may overlap.

  7. 35. No. Since 1.2 SDs is not far from the mean, no assumptions are needed.

  8. 37.

    1. Right skewed, with a single peak at zero and trailing off to the right

    2. Right skewed with one mode, from moderate prices to very large orders

    3. Bell shaped around the target weight

    4. Likely bimodal representing male and female students

  9. 39.

    1. 11

    2. About 5%

    3. Median because of the outliers to the ...

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