Editing IK Elements
Ready to reposition transformation point
Drag transformation point
Transformation point relocated
Head relocated
Figure 13.31 Use the free-transform tool to change
the location of the head or tail in an IK node by
dragging the symbol instance’s transformation point.
The IK bones are not visible while you use the free-
transform tool, but behind the scenes, Flash also
moves the head and/or tail points associated with
that transformation point. Select the armature to see
the bones in their new position.
Editing IK Elements
An armature isn’t set in stone once you’ve
created and posed it.  e thing to remember
about editing armatures is that you must
remove any poses that you’ve created before
you start making changes. Otherwise, youll
get some strange results. When a pose span
contains just one pose, you can edit the
armature in a variety of ways. You can change
the position of head and tail joints in IK nodes,
reposition IK nodes relative to one another,
remove bones and nodes, and add bones and
nodes. You can change, add, and remove bones
inside an IK shape; change bone length; and
edit the path of an IK shape. You can also
control which bones a ect which portions
of an IK shapes path, by using the bind tool.
To reposition a bones head/tail within
an IK node:
1. To select a node whose head or tail you
want to adjust, using the selection or
subselection tool, click the node.
2. In the Tools panel, choose the free-
transform tool.
Flash activates the transform box of the
selected symbol instance and highlights
the transformation point as a white circle.
e head and tail points are located at the
transformation point of an IK node.
3. Position the pointer over the transforma-
tion point.
A chain-link modi er appears next to the
pointer, indicating that you can reposition
the transformation point.
4. Drag the transformation point to a new
location within the IK node (Figure 13.31).
e white circle representing the transfor-
mation point moves to the new location.
Flash also moves the head and/or tail points
associated with that transformation point.
Chapter 13
Editing IK Elements
Intro to Inverse Kinematics
Original armature
Reposition IK node
Revised armature
Figure 13.32 You can relocate a selected node
(or multiple selected nodes) by Option-dragging