Using Symbol Instances
Working with Symbols
Figure 7.20 When you drag a symbol from the Library
panel to the Stage (top), Flash places the symbol
on the Stage, selects it, and updates that symbol’s
use count.
Using Symbol Instances
A symbol instance is a pointer to the full
description of the symbol. Symbols help
keep  le sizes small. If you converted a
graphic on the Stage to a symbol, you have
one symbol instance on the Stage. To use the
symbol again, or if you created your symbol
in symbol-editing mode, youll need to get a
copy out of the library and onto the Stage.
To place a symbol instance in
your movie:
In the Timeline, select the layer and key-
frame where you want the graphic symbol
to appear.
Flash can place symbols only in key-
frames. If you select an in-between frame,
Flash places the symbol in the preceding
keyframe. (To learn more about key-
frames, see Chapter 8.)
Access the library containing the symbol.
In the Library panel, navigate to the sym-
bol you want; click it to select it.
Flash highlights the chosen symbol and
displays it in the preview window.
Position the pointer over the preview
Click and drag a copy of the symbol onto
the Stage.
Flash previews the symbols location on
the Stage with a rectangular outline as
you drag (Figure 7.20).
Release the mouse button.
Flash places the symbol on the Stage and
selects it.
To place a symbol instance quickly,
drag the symbol name directly from the
Library panel to the Stage without using
the previewed image.
Preview location of symbol on the Stage
Use count updated

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