Using Macros

  • What are macros in Umbraco?
  • How do you build custom functionality into your Umbraco pages?
  • How do you use XSLT to output content from the content tree?
  • How do you extend the backoffice using .NET user controls?
  • What other supported DLR languages can you use?

So far in this book, you've created the underlying structure for a site. But in this chapter, you'll add meat to this structure using the core of Umbraco's flexibility and extensibility—macros. Umbraco can easily be extended using custom functionality from .NET User Controls and XSLT templates. This is especially crucial when you are converting an existing application to the Umbraco CMS or when you're creating output of content nodes outside of the standard templates you created in Chapter 4.

So, coming out of this chapter you'll be able to generate lists of content nodes, add your own custom fields for use in your document types, and parse content in a .NET User Control. Let the fun begin!

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