Now it's time to test, test, test! You must test all the functionality that is specific to your application. As far as Umbraco basic functionality is concerned, you should:

  • Run sample pages and make sure that templates and layouts look consistent.
  • Check all the package functionality that you are using to make sure it is rendering correctly and that backoffice functionality is correct.
  • Publish a node in the content tree to make sure that all of your permissions are set correctly on the file system.

The following are some common issues that you might run into, but if you are having issues beyond what is listed here, see the developers' forum at http://our.umbraco.org:

  • No content is showing up or is showing out-of-sync content from production. This probably means that you need to republish the content to refresh the content XML cache. To rectify this situation, simply right-click the Content node in the Content section of the Umbraco backoffice, and select the Republish entire site menu option as shown in Figure A-4.

    FIGURE A-4


    FIGURE A-5


  • The .NET version configured for your website may not be the same as the Umbraco version you downloaded. Check your IIS website's application pool to determine what version it is running, as shown in Figure A-5. The application ...

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