After reading this chapter, you should feel comfortable installing Umbraco for the first time. Besides knowing how to install Umbraco using the Web Platform Installer or manually, you should know what to do in special environments and how to upgrade Umbraco. In addition, you should understand the purpose of a Starter Kit and a skin. The following list outlines what you should be “taking home.”

  • You should use the Microsoft Web Platform Installer for an error-free installation.
  • You must pay close attention to your website's user permissions during manual installation.
  • You should use the sample checklist provided when upgrading
  • Installing a Starter Kit is a quick way to get your site installed.
  • You can install a Skin to make your site beautiful.
  • Skins are easy to customize for your own use.
  • Modules are small features that you can easily add to a Starter Kit.

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