Multiple Sites, Hostnames, and Localization

  • How do you manage multiple sites in one Umbraco installation?
  • How do you set up hostnames as entry points for multiple sites, localization and multiple languages?
  • How do you configure the Umbraco translation workflow?

For various reasons you may need to host multiple sites within one Umbraco installation. Example usages include:

  • Multiple versions of the same site in different languages.
  • Sub-domains for function-specific areas of the site. For example, you may want to have your product catalog accessible at catalog.yoursite.com to have a separate entry point and structure.
  • You could host multiple small sites that are completely unrelated and segregate user access to individual sites. This saves money in a hosting scenario.

There are other example multiple hostnames usage within one Umbraco installation, but these are a few that will be covered in this book.

image Be careful when using the multiple site approach for completely unrelated sites because the number of nodes that Umbraco supports is shared across multiple sites in this case. Generally speaking, Umbraco can support up to 300,000 nodes without any performance issues.

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