If you are interacting with the Umbraco document API or referencing other Umbraco functionality in your user controls, you must reference the appropriate Umbraco DLLs so that your code will compile and Visual Studio IntelliSense will work.

To include references to these core Umbraco libraries, simply follow these steps:

  1. Right-click the References node in the Solution Explorer and select the Add Reference menu item, as shown in Figure B-5.

    FIGURE B-5


  2. In the Add Reference dialog, select the Browse tab and locate your <install root>/bin folder. As shown in Figure B-6, select the necessary DLLs. The core DLLs that you should include are:
    • businesslogic
    • cms
    • controls
    • umbraco
    • umbraco.editorControls
  3. Click the OK button.



You can include others, as well; for example, the UmbracoExamine DLL if you are working with Examine for searching, and so on. However, the preceding list is enough to work with the document API and other core Umbraco functions, if you have a need for that.

image For examples on how to work with the document API, see Chapter 12

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