The most versatile collection of packages is created by hundreds of contributors within the community. If you need the functionality, there's a good chance someone else did before you and released a package for it. This section talks about your alternatives to finding great packages.

image Be aware that some projects are certainly of lesser quality and reliability than others. The packages that are released on and CodePlex are not moderated in any way. So, use caution when deploying things in a production environment. Deploying packages in a local development environment before pushing to a live website is strongly recommended.

As mentioned earlier, you can find packages by going to, where you can download all the available packages. Several views of the packages list are available. The default view is a grouping of projects based on the selected categories and tags that the package creator chooses when uploading a new package. You can also find a short list of the latest added projects on the homepage, as well as the best rated projects further down on the projects page. If that isn't enough, you can also get a view of the projects by looking at the extensive tag cloud, as shown in Figure 10-3.

Each developer chooses what to release with an uploaded package. Some include the source ...

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