Packages are made up of a collection of elements from within an Umbraco website. You can find them in the Developer section, as shown in Figure 10-1. You can install and use packages in Umbraco in a few different ways:



  • Umbraco Repository: Packages in this repository are put out by Umbraco HQ (like Courier, Contour, and other PRO packages), but also include packages from the community where the Karma of the package is higher than 15.


    Karma is a rating system that is used within the Umbraco community developer's site, found at http://our.umbraco.org. Karma points are handed out for contributions within the community and apply to community members, packages, and forum posts across the site. Members of the community site are awarded points for participating in the forums, sharing packages, adding to the wiki, and reviewing other developers' work.

    Packages have the same rating where other developers will award Karma points to projects they find useful or just think are cool additions to the CMS.

  • Created packages: This lists all the packages that you have created within this particular installation of Umbraco. From here you can download an already-created package or edit the package.
  • Installed packages: As the name suggests, this lists all currently installed packages and provides you with an overview of the packages, the package contents, ...

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