Adding Functionality

  • What are Umbraco tags all about?
  • How do you generate content programmatically?
  • How do you set up search using Examine?
  • What are the steps for deploying custom functionality?

Umbraco is great at allowing you to add, edit, and work with content. It has a flexible template engine and great tools for creating content structures and managing resources and users. But what really makes it powerful is that you can extend and customize it to your particular needs. This chapter offers you a look at how to do that and what tools are at your disposal, such as Razor and Examine. Also, you'll see further examples of how to leverage XSLT-, .NET-, and Umbraco-specific tags (the not-so-well-known attributes).

image For a detailed look at the power of XSLT and .NET macros, see Chapters 11 and 12.

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