• How do you troubleshoot installation issues?
  • What should you consider when you use shared hosting?
  • How does Umbraco handle and log errors?
  • How do you use 404 pages and page redirects?

As with all complex, modern software, you are likely to encounter an issue or two along the way with your Umbraco experience. Almost without fail you will find the solution to the issue to be simple, but only after you understand what the issue is. In this chapter you'll learn techniques for identifying issues with Umbraco and how to determine whether the solution is a configuration-related change or a more involved solution.

With nearly 100,000 sites using Umbraco, and hundreds of thousands of installations, a very good chance exists that the issue you encounter will have already been encountered by other Umbraco users as well. Although this may be little consolation in itself, a strong likelihood exists that another Umbraco user has discovered the solution to the issue and has posted it on the Umbraco Community Forum found at http://our.umbraco.org.

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