Early successes are encouraging and compel others to invest. Here are some examples of companies that have successfully taken advantage of unstructured data analytics.


Amazon is a premier online shopping destination. Its customer rating system is top-notch, providing an easy-to-use application for its customers to review and comment on products and service levels of itself and partners. While some purveyors are not above writing glowing self-reviews, Amazon employs analytics to vet them, as well as exclude inappropriate posting content. New developments in unstructured analytics enable the detection and management of these reviews written under false pretenses.

Amazon’s numeric categorical rating system allows customers to selectively review comments by satisfaction and level of interest. Amazon’s authoritative and comprehensive product reviews attract repeat business and links to ratings from other sites. Through registration and login, as well as tracking cookies, Amazon is able to assist its customers with order status, product interest lists, possible related products and services of interest, and ease of purchase. Purchase pattern recognition using unstructured data analytics enables Amazon to determine next probable purchases, such as the follow-on book by the same author in a series, service items for products purchased, and items reviewed and not retained on a wish list.

ITA Software

ITA technology is widely used by domestic ...

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