Social media tools refer to the ever-growing and vast collection of technologies that exist as stand-alone software or software-as-a-service that collects, stores, measures, reports, or analyzes data from social media, whether in real time or latently. Social media tools are also sometimes provided by social media platforms (e.g., Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics). Social media tools are numerous, and as such your business may benefit from an independent social media consultant that will be familiar with the most efficient and effective tools.

Guidelines for digital analytics tool selection can be reviewed in Chapter 9, and many of those steps apply to social media analytics tools as well. However, the guidelines for social media analytics tool selection that are reviewed in this chapter are a more customized instance for identifying and understanding the feature set of a social media analytics tool and its applicability for helping you create value from social media. When evaluating a social media analytics tool, you should consider the following factors:

  • Users. Determining how the analytics team will use the social media analytics tool is common sense—or is it? Does the tool need a dedicated admin? Are the user roles customizable? How many users will you have and in what roles? How is user security handled?
  • Listening and engagement features. Discover the way social media analytics listening and engaging can be measured. Are conversations threaded? Are ...

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