A.6. Tool Reference Tables

The remainder of this chapter presents reference tables for the performance tools.

A.6.1. bdf

Tool SourceBSD 4.X Unix
DocumentationMan page
Common Uses and TasksPerformance and crisis management
  • Problem diagnosis

  • Resource utilization

Interval of PresentationOn demand
Presentation MethodTabular data
Data SourceOn-disk file system
Kernel Data CollectionNone
Type of DataGlobal
  • File system utilization (capacity)

  • Inode utilization (capacity)

  • File system swap utilization

SummarizationBy file system
LoggingRedirect standard out to a file
Overhead DependenciesNumber of file systems
AdvantagesShows on-disk HFS inode utilization
  • Does not show JFS inode utilization

  • Causes a sync of file systems, which can cause momentary performance ...

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