The MPN process is presented and discussed by in the following: Zhan, Q., and V. G. Grassi , “Dynamic Matrix Control of a Specialty Chemical Plant with Different Plantwide Control Structures,” in Proceedings of the 1999 American Control Conference, pp. 632–636 (1999).

The best reference for plantwide control is the following monograph: Luyben, W. L., B. D. Tyréus, and M. L. Luyben , Plantwide Process Control, McGraw Hill, New York (1999).

Plantwide strategies are also discussed in the following papers and textbook:

Ponton, J. W., and D. M. Laing , “A Hierarchical Approach to the Design of Process Control Systems, Trans. Inst. Chem. Eng., 71(A), 181–188 (1993).

Stephanopoulos, G. , Chemical Process Control, Prentice Hall, Englewood ...

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